Do You Want to See Wild Koalas?


While traveling to Australia, you should not miss seeing the koalas in their natural habitats. To make your journey is completed, why don’t you see the wild koalas? It makes you can see and learn about them. A cute animal from Australia is wasting their day to sleep for 20 hours.

Slight Information of Koala

Koala is an arboreal herbivorous marsupial animal. The native habitat is in Australia. Even though the most famous iconic animals of Australia is a kangaroo, the koala is known as a symbol of Australia.

You can see koala around Australia like in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. Sadly, in the earlier 20th century, there are many hunters which are looked for them. It makes their population in a tight number. However, the government has established and they are listed as vulnerable animals.

You can find them in the habitats range from woodlands to open forests in climates ranging from cool to tropical temperate. If you are going to the right place, you can find and see a koala easily.

The Best Places to See Wild Koalas near Sydney and around Australia

While you are traveling around Sydney, there are some best places for you to see the wild koalas. Do you know about it? Read on!

Port Stephens

The closest area to see koalas from Sydney is Port Stephen near Tea Gardens. You can look the koala from the side roads of gum trees right before the Singing Bridge. If you are lucky enough, you can see them in their natural habitat.

Note that the best chance to see koala is around dusk or early morning. In the daytime, they will sleep. If you haven’t seen any koala, you can stop your journey and come to the Tea Gardens and find the small tourist information center.

You can ask the locals whether they spotted the koalas or not and if they see the koalas, they will show to you.

How to get there? You just have to drive from Sydney for about 2.5 hours. It is the good stop if you are going to the East Coast road trip.

Tucki Tucki Nature Reserve

Tucki Tucki Nature Reserve is the best places to see koalas in New South Wales. Once you get there, you can see koalas easily. This place is small enough to walk around and see several of them.

How to get there? you can use the car to drive from Sydney and takes about 8 hours. The closest place you can go after visiting Tucki Tucki is Byron Bay which takes for an hour.

Tidbinbilla, Canberra

Technically, the Tidbinbilla is not the place for wild koalas, but it wasn’t zoo too. It is like the reservation place which creates natural habitats from koalas so it feels like the wildlife. In this place, you can walk in the koala area through the gum trees and hunt them out. If you are lucky, you can see one of them.

How to get there? You can drive from Sydney which takes about 3.5 hours or from Canberra which takes about 45 minutes.

Port MacQuarie

Port MacQuarie is a great place to see wild koalas because it is home to Koala Hospital. If you are lucky enough, you can see some wild koalas in their habitats. It is the best opportunity to get closer to learn about them.

All koalas in this place have been rescued from any trouble situations like bushfires, dog attack, and more. Thus, they need to support and they are one of the treasured Australian experiences.

How to get there? You can drive from Sydney for about four hours. You can stop on any East Coast Road Trip. Besides driving, you can get a short time to fly from Sydney.

Kangaroo Island

It is the healthy population to see koalas in some places. Besides seeing koalas, it is a great place to see wild echidnas, seals, wallabies, kangaroos, and other Australian animals. If you want to get here, you can take short ferry trip starts from Cape Jervis or short flight starts from Adelaide.

There are some places on Kangaroo Island to see wild koalas like Flinders Chase National Park, Harriet River, and Hanson Bay

Great Ocean Road, Victoria

It is a brilliant spot to see the wild koalas. There are many people who are lucky to spend days to see them. There is a small population in Kennett River and so you can see them easily.

Those are the best places to see koalas in Australia. You just have to visit one of them. If you are lucky, you can see them easily. If you don’t spot any of koalas, you can move to another place to see more koalas. Just pick one or more of these places to see koalas while you are traveling in Australia.

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