The 10 Unique And Interesting Facts About Flight That You Must Know


Do you ever go to somewhere on an airplane? Or you feel scared to use this one of kind of transportation? I believe that most peoplehaveusedan airplane to go somewhere. There are 10 interesting facts about the flight. Everyone has their own way and habits to choose what kind of transportation that they want to use. Economic factors also affect the way they choose transportation facilities to reach another place. The most people maybe choose by lands, such as a car, train, bus, and private motorbike to go to another place in their country.

Why People Choose Airplane?

In every travel, there are some accidents, especially those that go through land routes. Even so, many travelers prefer to go home using private cars and motorbikes for reasons that are cheaper and easier. However, the number of travelers using aircraft also continues to increase every year. The increasing number of travelers who choose the board a plane is certainly not without reason, this is because the aircraft is the most convenient, fast, and also has the minimal risk of an accident. Not only that, there are some other reasons why people choose to use the airplane to go somewhere.


The main reason for many people to go home or somewhere by airplane is that of the short travel time. Especially if the hometown is a city that located in outside of the island, it will certainly be faster when you fly by airplane. Besides that, going somewhere by plane can also save the energy in your body. So, when you want to go somewhere without spending the energy too much, you need to choose an airplane.

More Save

Airplane transportation modes are less risk of accidents if compared to another mode of transportation, such as land transportation that takes victims annually. By choosing a plane, you will feel safer during the trip. You also no need to worry about the crime, such as hypnotized events or pickpockets that often occur at train or bus terminals.

No Need To Jostle

Acan you imagine how full the train in holiday time? Especially when queuing to buy tickets when the passengers scramble in and out of the train. You will not find this kind of condition if you are on an airplane. A comfortable air-conditioned waiting room with a number of passengers that will not exceed capacity and the ease of buying tickets or printing tickets. Now there are many online travel agents who have electronic ticket features.

Besides the advantages that you will get if choose the airplane modes of transportation, do you know that an airplane has 10 interesting facts about the flight? That unique fact will make you more knowledgeable about what is the airplane itself.

  1. the airplane inventor

In 1799 the pilot from England named George Cayley was made an airplane that could fly for short distances. His work has helped the next invention like what the Wright Brothers was found.

  1. The second invention

The airplane itself is produced for a very first time in America by The Wright Brothers in 1903. In that time, the airplane was named Wright Flyer, this airplane could fly as high as 120 feet. Along with the development of technology in airplane field, ow Boing 87 airplane can fly as far as more than 10 thousand miles in one flight with full fuel tubes. For the first fly, Orville Wright as the inventor of this airplane was not seated in the control seat but in the lowest wing section. This becomes10 interesting facts about the flight.

  1. The third invention

In the next invention, Otto Lilienthal that we can call as the Glider King was succeeded to create the first airplane that could fly farther and could carry passengers. He said that the Wright Brothers invention is the inspiration of his work.

  1. The first woman pilot

Do you know about the first woman pilot? She is Amelia Earheart who was to be the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean. She also created The Ninety-Nines that become the organization for female pilots who also has an amazingachievement.

  1. The first licensed woman pilot

Then in 1911, Harriet Quimby became the first woman pilot who gets the permission to fly a plane. She also becomes the first woman pilot who flewacross the British Channel.

  1. The provisions to fly

The pilot can only fly one type of airplane by obtaining a special license, by first getting training for 8 until 12 weeks in flight simulation exercise.

  1. the biggest cargo airplane

Antonov AN-225 is a cargo airplane that to be the largest airplane in the world. Its size is almost as big as a soccer field.

  1. the largest passenger airplane

the largest passenger plane in the world is Airbus A380. This airplane has a level seat with four jetliner engines.

  1. The weight of Airbus A380

One Airbus A380 has weights 590 tons and can fly at an altitude of 53 thousand feet.

  1. The price of Airbus A380

This fact becomes 10 interesting facts about the flight. If you want to have an Airbus A380, you need to pay it 428 million Dollars.

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