The Best Time And Activity To Fill Your Vacation In Sidney


Sidney is the largest city in Australia that required in one of the traveler’s dream destinations whatever the season. Sidney is the one of the city in Australia that has full of historical meetings, rich in culture, equipped with amazingly dining venues. Because of there are so many places that you can visit in Sidney, you might be confused to choose the best activities that will make you never forget the experiences in Sidney.

The Best Time To Visit Sidney

If you have a plan to visit Sidney then you try to find the best time to go there, I’m sure that you will a little bit confused because The Sidney Tourism Department is very smart. They deliberately make the interesting events throughout the year to attract the tourists, not only domestic tourist but also foreign tourist. So, actually, every time is the right time to visit Sidney. You just need to fit the season with your aim. For example, you want to see the snow, so you may visit Sidney in winter. But if you want to spend the time on the beach, you may visit that city in Summer. If you want to avoid the crowd or want to save your money, you may avoid visiting Sidney during the school holiday.

Southern Australia including Sydney has four seasons. Because it’s in the southern hemisphere, the season here is the opposite of the season in America and Europe. If you want to celebrate Christmas with snow here, so it’s false. You may see snow in Sidney is on June or July. Because in December is time to summer. so, if you want to visit Sidney, you have to really know about the weather in there. Different season have different unique activities you can do.


Early in the year, January and February is time to summer in Sidney. The temperature can reach 360 C. In summer, beaches are full of sunbathers. If you visit Sidney at this time, so don’t forget to use sunblock because the sun in Australia is very hot with high ultraviolet intensity. In every January, the city is lively with the Sidney festival. There are music dance, drama, and the other art exhibitions. Many of them are free and some programs are made especially for children.

For those who want to watch the fireworks like in the New Years Eve, there will be in January 26th when there is an Australian Day Celebration. The fireworks at Darling Harbour when Australia Day is quite entertaining even though it’s not at Sidney Harbour Bridge on New Year’s Eve. There are also many other events carried out by each region when held Australias Independence days, such as hot air balloon in Parramatta, or fireworks at Sidney Olympic Park.


In March until April, the temperature during the day drops around 19 until 22o C. This is the ideal temperature to visit here, as long as the weather is sunny and not rainy. The city of Sidney will be crowded in April when there is an Easter holiday. Easter holiday is the second busiest holiday after the Christmas holiday. The families in Australia will be attending the tourist attractions or vacation. The lots of events were held to greet the children’s school holidays in April. One of the biggest is the Royal Easter Show that held at Sidney Olympic Park. There are also the circus show and workshop.


From June until July, the temperature will be a drop between 7 until 15o C. You need extra thick clothing and more luggage if you want to visit Sidney in the winter. To warm up the city in the winter, Sidney held a Vivid Festival or light festival. A full month, the Opera House is highlighted with beautiful patterns. They also put artwork from light at some point in Circular Quay.

For you who want to see the snow in Australia, so you may visit there in June or July. Visit the snowy mountain, that can take about 6 hours by car from Sydney. Winter in there is quite short, the peak in June until July, then thinning in August. For you who are the coffee fans, you do not let the Aroma Coffee Festival at The Rock. At that festival, we can change the types of coffee and chocolate from various parts of the world. We can enjoy the coffee while seeing the music performance.


The temperature in spring is similarto the temperature in autumn, it is about 19 until 220 C. This spring also rained a lot. Spring is a good time to visit Canberra that you may reach 3 hours drive from Sydney. In Canberra,you may see Floriade, the largest flower festival in Australia. In October, there is a month-longSidney International Food Festival. Those who like to taste the various foods and wine may come to that event.


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