Sydney Opera House, Have You Heard About It?


While talking about Australia, it is one of the continents and becomes one of the largest countries in the world. It is lying between Indian and Pacific oceans in the Southern Hemisphere. As the other countries do, you know that Australia has its symbol which many people use.

You Have Seen It, Right?

The first time you may keep in mind about Australia is the building near their harbor, isn’t it? Well, that building is called as Sydney Opera House. Perhaps, you might think that what the building is? A huge building near the harbor is absolutely amazing. With its design, it is so easy to remember that the building is located in Australia.

Slight Information of Sydney Opera House

What is it for? It is the venue performing arts center with multifunction which located in Bennelong Point, Sydney. In this 20th century, it becomes the most distinctive and famous buildings. Its architectural style is expressionist.

Do you want to know the architect of this building? He is Jern Utzon, Corporate with Civil & Civic, M.R. Homibrook as main contractors, Ove Arup & Partners as a structural engineer, also the New South Wales Government as the financial support; they started the construction of it. The construction was started on March 1, 1959, and finished in 1973. It was officially opened on October 20, 1973.

Do You Wonder What Inside It?

With those current tenants, do you want to know what is inside of Sydney Opera House? If you see the building from the outside, it looks so huge and has the best architecture. Inside of it, it can be more fabulous than you have ever thought.

As its functions, this venue has multifunction for any performing arts. It has a few performance venues which many tenants can use. They are:

–    Concert Hall

Its venue is a home of Sydney Symphony Orchestra and used by a lot of other concert presenters. Inside this venue, you can see the largest action organ of the mechanical tracker in the world which has more than 10,000 pipes which are owned by the Sydney Opera House Grand Organ.

The seating capacity of this venue is 2,679 seats.

–    Joan Sutherland Theatre

It is a proscenium theatre and the home of The Australian Ballet and Opera Australia. It also was known as Opera Theatre until October 16, 2012.

The seating capacity of this venue is 1,507 seats.

–    Drama theatre

It is a proscenium theatre and used by Sydney Theatre Company and other theatrical and dance presenters.

The seating capacity of this venue is 544 seats.

–    Playhouse

It is an end-stage theatre with the seating capacity is up to 398 seats.

–    Studio

In this venue, you can see that there are 280 permanent seats which can be folded up. Nevertheless, it has a maximum capacity of up to 400 seats. It depends on configuration.

–    Utzon Room

It is a multi small venue for small productions, corporate functions, and parties. In this venue, the seating capacity is up to 210 seats.

–    Recording Studio

–    Outdoor Forecourt

–    Other areas like western and northern foyers

Both areas usually use for occasional performance.

–    Venues

It is usually used for social functions, ceremonies, and conferences.

–    Other facilities like retail outlets, bars, restaurants, and cafes.

Those are the venues and facilities you can find inside it. Can you imagine how big the building is? Even if you are the tourists, you should not worry because there are guided tours which can give you a tour around this building. Thus, you can’t get lost while going around this building. It is so exciting, isn’t it?