Appreciate The ' Shogun '- Themed Burger Dish In Tokyo

Appreciate The ‘ Shogun ‘- Themed Burger Dish In Tokyo


The central Samurai group called ‘ Shogun ‘ is very celebrated. Hence, an eatery in Japan has had the option to summon its opposition with the war officers.

A spot called Shogun Burger, this eatery has a topic roused by the war general or Shogun. The reason for the Shogun here isn’t the type of the burgers yet the introduction is presented with objects identified with a samurai.

For one part of the burger is served utilizing katana swords, every one of which has a time logo of the well known Shogun Oda Nobunaga (1534-1582) and Tokugawa Ieyasu (1543-1616).

This spot is very mainstream around Shinjuku even among worldwide visitors, its extraordinary name just as painstakingly chose materials and a cautious type of 100% Wagyu hamburger and bread that has a café logo stamp.

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Shogun burger
Shogun burger

Stuffing of burgers comprise of barbecued meats, pieces of ocean growth, lettuce leaves are additionally fluid cheddar. Eiitt ended up being an extremely uncommon fixing that is a brilliant powder that is set between the filling.

The expansion of this smaller than expected sword isn’t one of the tablets however it is a cooperation with a mainstream and decent sword-production organization named Nikken Cutlery from the town of Seki, Gifu.

Despite the fact that it is made as smaller than normal, however the way toward making the sword resembles a conventional sword making method and has a sharp enough edge. Since it is made by gifted skilled workers, every sword looks collectible and subtleties each part.

Since it is made in detail, this sword can be utilized to cut off pieces of burgers, for example, bread blades or bolstering blades when all is said in done.

katana paper
katana paper

Another fascinating thing is that the sword material is utilized, the metal picked is a metal that has been overhauled so it is sufficiently able to be worn by particular kinds of nourishment.

For a serving of this burger is sold for 4.300 Yen comprising of one bundle burger or cheeseburger, beverages and fries likewise smaller than normal sword. Like most eateries, since it is an eating coordinated effort this version is sold on a constrained time that will end on February 3, 2020 coming.

On the off chance that you need to arrange it remember to reserve a spot ahead of time with the related eatery site Yes.


The café has different branches situated in Toyama-shi, Sogawa. With operational time from 12 early afternoon to 2.30 am for eatery situated in Shinjuku and 11 Noon to 9 pm for Sogawa region.