The 10 most popular things to do in Australia


Popular Activities in Australia

One of the most popular activities on the 5th continent is mainly those leisure activities, which are mainly typical of the country and are therefore undertaken by most travelers sooner or later. These activities are very fun, even though some activities are quite dangerous. These includes:


1. To sail

There is hardly anything more beautiful than a sailing trip through the picturesque island world of the Whitsunday Islands in the Great Barrier Reef. Whether as a day trip or as a multi-day trip, sailing in Down Under is an unforgettable experience that should definitely be considered by anyone who does not become seasick too quickly


2. To windsurf

Surfing is not only the popular sport of The Australians, but also countless tourists take advantage of the excellent conditions for surfing. Many visitors who do not yet have experience take part in a surf course in order to learn the basics as quickly as possible. In any case, the conditions could not be better for beginners and advanced users than in Down Under


3. Diving & Snorkeling

Diving and snorkelling are undoubtedly among the most popular activities in Australia. Of course, the splendour of colours and biodiversity of the largest coral reef on earth play the decisive role here. But also on the west coast you will find excellent diving & snorkeling areas on the beach-near Ningaloo Reef


4. Safaris

For adventurous holidaymakers, both one-day and multi-day safaris in the wilderness are offered. Be it in the middle of the outback or in the tropical rainforest of northern Australia, the spectacular adventure tours have a lot to offer and are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on their participants


5. Camping

Countless backpackers, families and pensioners use the many campsites, Bush camps and free rest areas to experience a great adventure in nature together with nice people in a bonfire atmosphere. Camping is more popular in this country than almost anywhere in the world

6. Wine tours

The wine tours often offered in Australia are particularly sought after by all gourmets, on which one not only visits the extremely idyllic wine-growing regions of the world known wine regions. During several hours, all-day or even two-day excursions, excellent wineries are also visited, numerous fine wines are tasted and often heartily fed


7. Fishing

The fishing conditions could hardly be better in this country. In both fresh water and salt water, it is teeming with delicate fish. Also organized fishing trips on a boat are very popular with many tourists and are therefore among the top activities in Australia


8. Scenic Flights

For many adventurers without fear of heights, a Scenic Flight over the dreamlike landscape of Australia is at the top of the to-do list. Whether over the Great Barrier Reef, along the Great Ocean Road, over Ayers Rock and the red outback, or over one of the stunning skylines of the metropolises, options are available. All you have to do is decide how to fly through the air


9. Whale Watching

In certain months, countless whales and their young pass by near the coast. Of course, many nature fans from all over the world do not want to miss this spectacle. Therefore, there are tours in various places that specialize in enabling this experience for interested travelers by boating to the marine mammals within a few meters away


10. Visit to the Sydney Opera House

Since by far most tourists land or depart from Sydney and there is probably not a single Sydney tourist who would miss out on the world-famous Opera House, visiting it is one of the most popular activities. The one-hour guided tours through the interior of the striking building are particularly popular. But participation in one of the numerous events is also very popular. (see: Sydney Opera House)

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What Will You Do In Australia?


Australia is one of the continents and becomes the largest countries on the earth. There are many people who like to spend their free time in this country and fill your activity in Sydney. While you are planning to visit this country, you need to know what to do in Australia.

Arrange Well Your Itinerary!

To arrange the itinerary, you should know the top things to do in Australia. These are some top things to do in this lovely country:

Ride Luxury Train

Do you want to ride the luxury train which can across the continent? You can ride this train from Darwin to vice versa or Adelaide. In the journey, you can see that there are unforgettable trains and get through the Red Centre, Katherine Gorge, scorched desert, and the mountains of the Flinders Ranges.

Get to Pinnacles

You can find the Pinnacles Desert on the Turquoise Coast of Western Australia. It is 250 kilometers north of Perth. A desert is a place for ancient limestone pillars which look like the extraterrestrial tombstones. The park itself is fringed by excellent fishing, unique fauna, wildflowers, and secluded white beaches. If you want, you can stay in the fishing village near it.

Sydney Harbor for New Year’s Eve Fireworks

While you are coming to Australia for the long holiday in the New Year, take a look at the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Sydney harbor. It is the best time to see the spectacular fireworks you have ever seen.

There are some vantage points to enjoy the fireworks to suit your budget such as picnic around Sydney’s foreshore, book a waterside hotel room, jump on a boat or ferry cruise, attend many ticketed events and many more.

Cruise the Kimberley

Do you know? Kimberley is one of the last wilderness areas on this world. There are many ways to get this area, but the best way is by cruise ship. You can get close to the complex river systems, lush waterfalls, ochre-colored gorges, secluded beaches, and rocky shores.

Dive in Port Lincoln

Do you wanna get the great adventure to share it with your friends? You can try to dive with the great white sharks around. If you are interested to dive with sharks, you can try the tour with Adventure Bay Charters and Calypso Star Charters for it.

Even if you have no scuba experience, you still have a chance to try it. You can get into a cage and also the air is fed to the cage and you can see the sharks around. If you wish to dive with sharks, the best time to visit between March and August.

Get to the Hot Air Balloon

While you are traveling to Canberra, don’t miss a chance to see Australia’s capital from the height. It is the best place to see the green scenery, interesting sculptures, monuments, architectures, the view of Lake Burley Griffin, and many other things. Then, you can celebrate it at the Park Hyatt Hotel with a glass of champagne.

So, have you scheduled your time to visit all of those places? Don’t miss a great chance to visit them or you can’t get real experience to explore Australia.

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Sydney Opera House, Have You Heard About It?


While talking about Australia, it is one of the continents and becomes one of the largest countries in the world. It is lying between Indian and Pacific oceans in the Southern Hemisphere. As the other countries do, you know that Australia has its symbol which many people use.

You Have Seen It, Right?

The first time you may keep in mind about Australia is the building near their harbor, isn’t it? Well, that building is called as Sydney Opera House. Perhaps, you might think that what the building is? A huge building near the harbor is absolutely amazing. With its design, it is so easy to remember that the building is located in Australia.

Slight Information of Sydney Opera House

What is it for? It is the venue performing arts center with multifunction which located in Bennelong Point, Sydney. In this 20th century, it becomes the most distinctive and famous buildings. Its architectural style is expressionist.

Do you want to know the architect of this building? He is Jern Utzon, Corporate with Civil & Civic, M.R. Homibrook as main contractors, Ove Arup & Partners as a structural engineer, also the New South Wales Government as the financial support; they started the construction of it. The construction was started on March 1, 1959, and finished in 1973. It was officially opened on October 20, 1973.

Do You Wonder What Inside It?

With those current tenants, do you want to know what is inside of Sydney Opera House? If you see the building from the outside, it looks so huge and has the best architecture. Inside of it, it can be more fabulous than you have ever thought.

As its functions, this venue has multifunction for any performing arts. It has a few performance venues which many tenants can use. They are:

–    Concert Hall

Its venue is a home of Sydney Symphony Orchestra and used by a lot of other concert presenters. Inside this venue, you can see the largest action organ of the mechanical tracker in the world which has more than 10,000 pipes which are owned by the Sydney Opera House Grand Organ.

The seating capacity of this venue is 2,679 seats.

–    Joan Sutherland Theatre

It is a proscenium theatre and the home of The Australian Ballet and Opera Australia. It also was known as Opera Theatre until October 16, 2012.

The seating capacity of this venue is 1,507 seats.

–    Drama theatre

It is a proscenium theatre and used by Sydney Theatre Company and other theatrical and dance presenters.

The seating capacity of this venue is 544 seats.

–    Playhouse

It is an end-stage theatre with the seating capacity is up to 398 seats.

–    Studio

In this venue, you can see that there are 280 permanent seats which can be folded up. Nevertheless, it has a maximum capacity of up to 400 seats. It depends on configuration.

–    Utzon Room

It is a multi small venue for small productions, corporate functions, and parties. In this venue, the seating capacity is up to 210 seats.

–    Recording Studio

–    Outdoor Forecourt

–    Other areas like western and northern foyers

Both areas usually use for occasional performance.

–    Venues

It is usually used for social functions, ceremonies, and conferences.

–    Other facilities like retail outlets, bars, restaurants, and cafes.

Those are the venues and facilities you can find inside it. Can you imagine how big the building is? Even if you are the tourists, you should not worry because there are guided tours which can give you a tour around this building. Thus, you can’t get lost while going around this building. It is so exciting, isn’t it?

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The Best Time And Activity To Fill Your Vacation In Sidney


Sidney is the largest city in Australia that required in one of the traveler’s dream destinations whatever the season. Sidney is the one of the city in Australia that has full of historical meetings, rich in culture, equipped with amazingly dining venues. Because of there are so many places that you can visit in Sidney, you might be confused to choose the best activities that will make you never forget the experiences in Sidney.

The Best Time To Visit Sidney

If you have a plan to visit Sidney then you try to find the best time to go there, I’m sure that you will a little bit confused because The Sidney Tourism Department is very smart. They deliberately make the interesting events throughout the year to attract the tourists, not only domestic tourist but also foreign tourist. So, actually, every time is the right time to visit Sidney. You just need to fit the season with your aim. For example, you want to see the snow, so you may visit Sidney in winter. But if you want to spend the time on the beach, you may visit that city in Summer. If you want to avoid the crowd or want to save your money, you may avoid visiting Sidney during the school holiday.

Southern Australia including Sydney has four seasons. Because it’s in the southern hemisphere, the season here is the opposite of the season in America and Europe. If you want to celebrate Christmas with snow here, so it’s false. You may see snow in Sidney is on June or July. Because in December is time to summer. so, if you want to visit Sidney, you have to really know about the weather in there. Different season have different unique activities you can do.


Early in the year, January and February is time to summer in Sidney. The temperature can reach 360 C. In summer, beaches are full of sunbathers. If you visit Sidney at this time, so don’t forget to use sunblock because the sun in Australia is very hot with high ultraviolet intensity. In every January, the city is lively with the Sidney festival. There are music dance, drama, and the other art exhibitions. Many of them are free and some programs are made especially for children.

For those who want to watch the fireworks like in the New Years Eve, there will be in January 26th when there is an Australian Day Celebration. The fireworks at Darling Harbour when Australia Day is quite entertaining even though it’s not at Sidney Harbour Bridge on New Year’s Eve. There are also many other events carried out by each region when held Australias Independence days, such as hot air balloon in Parramatta, or fireworks at Sidney Olympic Park.


In March until April, the temperature during the day drops around 19 until 22o C. This is the ideal temperature to visit here, as long as the weather is sunny and not rainy. The city of Sidney will be crowded in April when there is an Easter holiday. Easter holiday is the second busiest holiday after the Christmas holiday. The families in Australia will be attending the tourist attractions or vacation. The lots of events were held to greet the children’s school holidays in April. One of the biggest is the Royal Easter Show that held at Sidney Olympic Park. There are also the circus show and workshop.


From June until July, the temperature will be a drop between 7 until 15o C. You need extra thick clothing and more luggage if you want to visit Sidney in the winter. To warm up the city in the winter, Sidney held a Vivid Festival or light festival. A full month, the Opera House is highlighted with beautiful patterns. They also put artwork from light at some point in Circular Quay.

For you who want to see the snow in Australia, so you may visit there in June or July. Visit the snowy mountain, that can take about 6 hours by car from Sydney. Winter in there is quite short, the peak in June until July, then thinning in August. For you who are the coffee fans, you do not let the Aroma Coffee Festival at The Rock. At that festival, we can change the types of coffee and chocolate from various parts of the world. We can enjoy the coffee while seeing the music performance.


The temperature in spring is similarto the temperature in autumn, it is about 19 until 220 C. This spring also rained a lot. Spring is a good time to visit Canberra that you may reach 3 hours drive from Sydney. In Canberra,you may see Floriade, the largest flower festival in Australia. In October, there is a month-longSidney International Food Festival. Those who like to taste the various foods and wine may come to that event.


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The 10 Unique And Interesting Facts About Flight That You Must Know


Do you ever go to somewhere on an airplane? Or you feel scared to use this one of kind of transportation? I believe that most peoplehaveusedan airplane to go somewhere. There are 10 interesting facts about the flight. Everyone has their own way and habits to choose what kind of transportation that they want to use. Economic factors also affect the way they choose transportation facilities to reach another place. The most people maybe choose by lands, such as a car, train, bus, and private motorbike to go to another place in their country.

Why People Choose Airplane?

In every travel, there are some accidents, especially those that go through land routes. Even so, many travelers prefer to go home using private cars and motorbikes for reasons that are cheaper and easier. However, the number of travelers using aircraft also continues to increase every year. The increasing number of travelers who choose the board a plane is certainly not without reason, this is because the aircraft is the most convenient, fast, and also has the minimal risk of an accident. Not only that, there are some other reasons why people choose to use the airplane to go somewhere.


The main reason for many people to go home or somewhere by airplane is that of the short travel time. Especially if the hometown is a city that located in outside of the island, it will certainly be faster when you fly by airplane. Besides that, going somewhere by plane can also save the energy in your body. So, when you want to go somewhere without spending the energy too much, you need to choose an airplane.

More Save

Airplane transportation modes are less risk of accidents if compared to another mode of transportation, such as land transportation that takes victims annually. By choosing a plane, you will feel safer during the trip. You also no need to worry about the crime, such as hypnotized events or pickpockets that often occur at train or bus terminals.

No Need To Jostle

Acan you imagine how full the train in holiday time? Especially when queuing to buy tickets when the passengers scramble in and out of the train. You will not find this kind of condition if you are on an airplane. A comfortable air-conditioned waiting room with a number of passengers that will not exceed capacity and the ease of buying tickets or printing tickets. Now there are many online travel agents who have electronic ticket features.

Besides the advantages that you will get if choose the airplane modes of transportation, do you know that an airplane has 10 interesting facts about the flight? That unique fact will make you more knowledgeable about what is the airplane itself.

  1. the airplane inventor

In 1799 the pilot from England named George Cayley was made an airplane that could fly for short distances. His work has helped the next invention like what the Wright Brothers was found.

  1. The second invention

The airplane itself is produced for a very first time in America by The Wright Brothers in 1903. In that time, the airplane was named Wright Flyer, this airplane could fly as high as 120 feet. Along with the development of technology in airplane field, ow Boing 87 airplane can fly as far as more than 10 thousand miles in one flight with full fuel tubes. For the first fly, Orville Wright as the inventor of this airplane was not seated in the control seat but in the lowest wing section. This becomes10 interesting facts about the flight.

  1. The third invention

In the next invention, Otto Lilienthal that we can call as the Glider King was succeeded to create the first airplane that could fly farther and could carry passengers. He said that the Wright Brothers invention is the inspiration of his work.

  1. The first woman pilot

Do you know about the first woman pilot? She is Amelia Earheart who was to be the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean. She also created The Ninety-Nines that become the organization for female pilots who also has an amazingachievement.

  1. The first licensed woman pilot

Then in 1911, Harriet Quimby became the first woman pilot who gets the permission to fly a plane. She also becomes the first woman pilot who flewacross the British Channel.

  1. The provisions to fly

The pilot can only fly one type of airplane by obtaining a special license, by first getting training for 8 until 12 weeks in flight simulation exercise.

  1. the biggest cargo airplane

Antonov AN-225 is a cargo airplane that to be the largest airplane in the world. Its size is almost as big as a soccer field.

  1. the largest passenger airplane

the largest passenger plane in the world is Airbus A380. This airplane has a level seat with four jetliner engines.

  1. The weight of Airbus A380

One Airbus A380 has weights 590 tons and can fly at an altitude of 53 thousand feet.

  1. The price of Airbus A380

This fact becomes 10 interesting facts about the flight. If you want to have an Airbus A380, you need to pay it 428 million Dollars.

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Do You Want to See Wild Koalas?


While traveling to Australia, you should not miss seeing the koalas in their natural habitats. To make your journey is completed, why don’t you see the wild koalas? It makes you can see and learn about them. A cute animal from Australia is wasting their day to sleep for 20 hours.

Slight Information of Koala

Koala is an arboreal herbivorous marsupial animal. The native habitat is in Australia. Even though the most famous iconic animals of Australia is a kangaroo, the koala is known as a symbol of Australia.

You can see koala around Australia like in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. Sadly, in the earlier 20th century, there are many hunters which are looked for them. It makes their population in a tight number. However, the government has established and they are listed as vulnerable animals.

You can find them in the habitats range from woodlands to open forests in climates ranging from cool to tropical temperate. If you are going to the right place, you can find and see a koala easily.

The Best Places to See Wild Koalas near Sydney and around Australia

While you are traveling around Sydney, there are some best places for you to see the wild koalas. Do you know about it? Read on!

Port Stephens

The closest area to see koalas from Sydney is Port Stephen near Tea Gardens. You can look the koala from the side roads of gum trees right before the Singing Bridge. If you are lucky enough, you can see them in their natural habitat.

Note that the best chance to see koala is around dusk or early morning. In the daytime, they will sleep. If you haven’t seen any koala, you can stop your journey and come to the Tea Gardens and find the small tourist information center.

You can ask the locals whether they spotted the koalas or not and if they see the koalas, they will show to you.

How to get there? You just have to drive from Sydney for about 2.5 hours. It is the good stop if you are going to the East Coast road trip.

Tucki Tucki Nature Reserve

Tucki Tucki Nature Reserve is the best places to see koalas in New South Wales. Once you get there, you can see koalas easily. This place is small enough to walk around and see several of them.

How to get there? you can use the car to drive from Sydney and takes about 8 hours. The closest place you can go after visiting Tucki Tucki is Byron Bay which takes for an hour.

Tidbinbilla, Canberra

Technically, the Tidbinbilla is not the place for wild koalas, but it wasn’t zoo too. It is like the reservation place which creates natural habitats from koalas so it feels like the wildlife. In this place, you can walk in the koala area through the gum trees and hunt them out. If you are lucky, you can see one of them.

How to get there? You can drive from Sydney which takes about 3.5 hours or from Canberra which takes about 45 minutes.

Port MacQuarie

Port MacQuarie is a great place to see wild koalas because it is home to Koala Hospital. If you are lucky enough, you can see some wild koalas in their habitats. It is the best opportunity to get closer to learn about them.

All koalas in this place have been rescued from any trouble situations like bushfires, dog attack, and more. Thus, they need to support and they are one of the treasured Australian experiences.

How to get there? You can drive from Sydney for about four hours. You can stop on any East Coast Road Trip. Besides driving, you can get a short time to fly from Sydney.

Kangaroo Island

It is the healthy population to see koalas in some places. Besides seeing koalas, it is a great place to see wild echidnas, seals, wallabies, kangaroos, and other Australian animals. If you want to get here, you can take short ferry trip starts from Cape Jervis or short flight starts from Adelaide.

There are some places on Kangaroo Island to see wild koalas like Flinders Chase National Park, Harriet River, and Hanson Bay

Great Ocean Road, Victoria

It is a brilliant spot to see the wild koalas. There are many people who are lucky to spend days to see them. There is a small population in Kennett River and so you can see them easily.

Those are the best places to see koalas in Australia. You just have to visit one of them. If you are lucky, you can see them easily. If you don’t spot any of koalas, you can move to another place to see more koalas. Just pick one or more of these places to see koalas while you are traveling in Australia.

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